In the last years a lot of my photos were published in diverse expositions, brochures, books, newspapers, calendars and journals around the world.

If you want some of my photos for an own publication you get more information here.

Here are some representative examples:



In the most important german journal about birds identification there are from time to time some of my photos published.

More informations about LIMCIOLA here

Schleswig Holstein, GERMANY

National Parc: Wadden Sea

Many of my photos help to inform visitors about the Wadden Sea and the protection of this area.

More informations about this National Parc are here

Schleswig Holstein, GERMANY

Erlebniszentrum Naturgewalten

An exposition on 2500 qm in the 'Erlebniszentrum Naturgewalten' in List in the North of Sylt gives visitors informations about the sea and the coast. Many of my photos were taken for this exposition.

You can find more informations about the exposition here

Baden-Württemberg, GERMANY

LIFE-Projects of the European Union

I support several LIFE-Projects of the EU with my photos. With this projects people try to protect and renaturate different areas. For example the "Blitzenreuter Seenplatte" or the floodplains of the Rhine at Karlsruhe.

More informations about "Blitzenreuter Seenplatte" here

More informations about "Lebendige Rheinauen" here

Some exemplary books with published photos from me:

Bezzel, E. (2011) Deutschlands Vögel - faszinierendes Leben zwischen Küste und Gebirge. Franckh-Kosmos-Verlag. About the book...

Deutsches Meeresmusem Stralsund (2008): Die Vogelwelt der Insel Hiddensee. Meer und Museum Band 21. About the book...

Ertel, R. C. (2011) Birds in Africa. Fauna Verlag, 2nd. edition

Griesohn-Pflieger, Moning (2010) Grundkurs Vogelbestimmung.. Eine Einführung zur Beobachtung und Bestimmung unserer einheimischen Vögel. Quelle & Meyer. About the book...

Fünfstück, Weiß, Ebert (2010) Taschenlexikon der Vögel Deutschlands. Quelle & Meyer. About the book...

Mann, C. M., Erritzoe, J., Brammer, F., Fuller, R. (2012) Cuckoos of the World. Helm Identification Guides

Maumary, L., Vallotton, L. & Knaus, P. (2007): Die Vögel der Schweiz. Schweiz. Vogelwarte. About the book...

Moning, C., Wagner, C. (2009): Vögel beobachten in Ostdeutschland. Kosmos Naturführer. About the book...

Singer, D. (2011): Was fliegt denn da? Der Fotoband. Kosmos Naturführer. Franckh-Kosmos Verlaug. About the book...


The Sunderbans National Park

In the delta of four big rivers in North-East-India there is the biggest mangrove forest in the world! It covers about 10.000! It has one of the biggest populations of the Royal Bengal Tiger and is a very important area for migrating waders (perhaps even the globally threatened Spoon-billed Sandpiper). Photos of some photographers help to inform the visitors about the birds of this area and show them why it is necessary to protect this area!

More informations about the UNESCO world heritage are here


AULA publisher: "Der Falke" & "Die Vogelwelt"

In both journals of the AULA publisher house are sometimes photos published.

More informations about "Der Falke" here

More informations about "Die Vogelwelt" here