I was born in 1986. Very early I found the interest in nature and then the wish grew up to capture the fascinating moments and show them also to others.

So in 2003 I bought a Nikon Coolpix 4500. This camera was one of the early digital compact cameras. One had many manual set possibilities and, therefore, it was also possible to take a photo a little more creatively. After a few years, I took part in the Nikon Digiscoping competition as well as in the Swarovski "Digiscoper of the Year" competition.

Then my Coolpix broke in January 2006 - but thanks to both competitions I had enough money to buy my first digital SLR a little later. This camera was really astonishing and I could capture almost everything as I wanted to!!

In autumn, 2006 my alternative civilian service began with the 'Verein Jordsand' in the Wadden Sea - with it, my fascination started for the biggest national parc between North Cape and Sicily and grew with every visit more! I worked on some different places during my civil service and got thus ideas of the most different sceneries and also of other lifestyles, for example, the life on a Hallig. After my civil service I tried to visit the German coasts as often as possible!

Intrested in any of my photos?

Just write me an E-mail to r.martin@visual-nature.de